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The "Second" most important thing you can do for your piano besides tuning...Learn more about our voicing procedure in "Our Services"

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Listed below is a listing of services that Bradshaw Piano
Service can perform for you. If an evaluation is the logical first step, the
Bradshaw’s will come to the instrument and give you a Free evaluation, a formal
proposal and options as to what can be done.


Financing can be arranged if need be along with moving, if the work requires



  1. Tuning to concert pitch
  2. Repair of piano finishes. Touch-up of piano finishes in both lacquer and
  3. Re-placement of key covers. Genuine elephant tusk ivory replacement.
  4. Action regulation to bring the correct touch and feel back to the
    instrument. It will also bring back the performance of the instrument back to
  5. Voicing. This is the procedure to bring the tonal quality to the correct
    tonal level. This can be accomplished working with the current hammerheads or
    after installation of new hammerheads.
  6. Partial Rebuilding. This would include installing new hammerheads, new
    dampers, new under key felts, new action parts, strings and felts as required or

Summary: Bradshaw Piano Service can do the same high quality repairs the professional musicians speak to in
the “Letters” section.

The “Second” most important
thing you can do for your piano besides tuning…….


Tuning is the most important procedure that can be done to a piano to
improve the tone. However, the second most important procedure is one that many
music professionals are not familiar with.


Voicing involves working with
the 88 hammerhead felts to soften or harden the felt to achieve the correct
tonal quality for that particular instrument. This is not an unusual procedure.
In fact, all major piano manufacturers suggest voicing be performed every 5-7
years. If it has been longer than that for your instrument, it is overdue for a
voicing procedure.


A piano, grand or vertical,
can be perfectly in tune but still produce a “bright, brassy, tinny” sound.
Additional tuning will not remedy this. Voicing will soften the hammerhead felt
fibers that have been packed and compacted over the past years of the hammers
striking the strings. Bringing the hammerhead felt back to the softer density
it was when the instrument was new is the goal. Less dense felt translates into
a more mellow and uniform tone. While working at the Baldwin Piano Factory,
voicing the new Baldwin grands was my specialty, as it is now with my
university artists.


We look forward to voicing
your instrument and making it sound mellow and correct again. The tone is still
there; it just has to be brought out by a technician skilled in more than just


Call and we will discuss this
very necessary maintenance for your instrument. The biggest “bang for your
dollar” next to tuning.


Barry and Phyllis Bradshaw

Bradshaw Piano Service, Inc.


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