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Mr. Bradshaw has been in the piano business all of his life. As a third generstion piano craftsman and technician, he began his apprenticeship at age 15 with his father who was a piano rebuilder, technician and Baldwin dealer for 54 years. At 15, he began his apprenticeship of tuning and piano re-building. Nine years of apprenticeship later, with a full knowledge of piano re-building and retail operations, Mr. Bradshaw began his lifelong piano career.


As the youngest Baldwin piano dealer ever accepted by Baldwin at the age of 24, Mr. Bradshaw

began his career. He established Bradshaw's House of Pianos, the Baldwin piano dealer in Salina, KS. Mr. Bradshaw ran the retail operations as well as tuning for the local universities and music community. Being a pilot, he also traveled to many venues in western Kansas by plane. However, suffice it to say, "It was cold up there!"


Six years later, the opportunity arose to become the Shop Manager for a large piano rebuilding facility in Dyersburg, TN. and get to, "move back to the South!"  This position entailed the overseeing of multiple brands of pianos being re-built at this factory-like facility. Each week, 3-5 grand pianos were refinished, all new parts, all new strings, new felts, tuned and completed. Inexpensive grands to Steinway & Sons grands were rebuilt here. Here, 9+ other piano craftsman and Mr. Bradshaw, produced up to 20 grands per month that were then wholesaled to piano dealers across 22 states. After 5 years in this position, the obvious choice was new piano manufacturing.


In 1987, at age 32, the Baldwin Grand Piano Factory in Conway, AR. hired Mr. Bradshaw as the Quality Control Manager for the factory. He was responsible for all facets of grand piano quality for the 17 grands that were built each day by the 300+ craftsman workforce. From the raw wood coming into the factory to the final product shipped to Baldwin dealers worldwide, Mr. Bradshaw, his Quality Supervisor and their 12 Inspectors kept the quality level at a world class level to compete on the world stage. Our #1 and #2 competitors during this time were Steinway & Sons #1 and Yamaha #2. The finest piano in the world and the largest selling piano in the world. Seventeen world class Baldwin grands were produced every day in Conway, AR. to compete with those  manufacturers. In-factory training of new hires and re-current training of the factory's 300+ workforce were under the Quality Department's duties also. It was at this time, 1987, that Mr. Bradshaw established Bradshaw Piano Service in Conway. Tuning of the Univ. of Central Arkansas' 52 pianos, numerous music professionals and individuals was done during the next 13 years while also holding the Baldwin Factory's Quality Manager position.


Having spent the next 13 years as the Quality Control Manager of Baldwin Piano Co., he was  chosen by Baldwin in 2000 to become the Manager of Baldwin's Factory Store in Memphis, TN. Baldwin's factory retail arm was located 46 miles from the Baldwin upright piano factory. Newly designed or produced Baldwin product was sent to the Factory store for evaluation and initial exposure to the public before shipment to Baldwin dealers nationwide. Mr. Bradshaw made numerous technical and sales evaluations to Baldwin Sales Headquarters, determining if the factory was going to produce these models. Mr. Bradshaw sold against all brands of pianos while managing the Factory store in Memphis. Learning about other brands' building specifications, their pros and cons, was very useful in expanding Mr. Bradshaw's knowledge of ALL brands of pianos and their quality levels.


After five years in Memphis, Mr. Bradshaw was hired as the Service Manager for the Steinway & Sons dealership in Little Rock, AR. Mr. Bradshaw's 30+ years of piano building at the Baldwin factory and rebuilding Steinway grands at rebuilding shops made him the perfect fit for Don and Gil Colaianni's Steinway & Sons dealership in Little Rock. Mr. Bradshaw was responsible for the pre-delivery prepping of all new Steinway grands.  Boston and Essex pianos, were also made showroom ready. All field service work, tuning, regulation, voicing and Steinway Warranty work was was either done by or supervised by Mr. Bradshaw. When a customer called the Little Rock Steinway dealer for tuning or technical work, Mr. Bradshaw was the contact.


After the retirement of the Colaianni's and subsequent closing of the dealership, Mr. Bradshaw returned to Conway to re-establish Bradshaw Piano Service. His un-matched experience in factory training, factory management vintage grand re-building and retail piano experience, has made both his business and him known throughout Arkansas. His excellent "Referral Letters" are a direct result of his having worked with the highest quality piano operations in the United States:                 A Steinway & Sons dealership, providing the excellent work one would expect from a Steinway dealership. Then, the manufacturing of world class grand pianos at a Baldwin Piano factory, overseeing all Quality.


Phyllis Bradshaw has over 27 years experience of Supervision at the Baldwin Grand Piano Factory in Conway, AR. During that time, she mastered all facets of piano construction and function. She worked as a craftsman and later in the Quality Supervisor position, over all departments in the 300 employee factory. The description, "Factory Trained" is a misnomer for Phyllis Bradshaw.           Phyllis Bradshaw was the Trainer! She was the Baldwin Grand Factory instructor for all 11 technical departments in the 300 employee factory. She was the factroy trainer that taught Baldwin employees and new hires, how to build a Baldwin grand piano. This done under her title as Quality Supervisor for the factory.


In 2002, Ms. Bradshaw became the Baldwin Polyester Finishing Factory Manager in Conway managing 100+ employees and applying the outside finshes to10+ grand pianos a day. Her expertise in polyester, polyurethane and lacquer finsihes, make her one of the top finish experts

in the country. She claims 90% of the dealers in Arkansas as clients and routinely performs factory warranty work for Yamaha, Kawai, Steinway and others.


While most piano tuners are part time piano tuners or have taken it up in the past 5-10 years, the Bradshaw's have a combined 94 years of piano technology experience, with 40 of those years spent at the Baldwin Piano factory, overseeing and approving the building of world class grand pianos. The piano knowledge and expertise gained during those 40+ years at a world class piano manufacturer are simply un-matched by any other piano technician in Arkansas.


Take time to read the "Letters of Recommendation" from artists, Steinway piano purchasers, university music professors and piano teachers. They attest to the capabilities that are available to you from Bradshaw Piano Service. Just as important as the work having been done correctly, these letters point out how these customers "feel" about Bradshaw Piano Service and how they were treated. We look forward to your writing a letter about us in the near future. Let us put our un-matched expertise and experience to work for you.


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Ryan Jackson, Owner and Technician

Bradshaw Piano Service, Inc.

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 Ryan Jackson, Owner and Technician

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